Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The ZX Project Begins

I've been a huge fan of Super Robot Wars for a long time and have always lamented my inability to read and comprehend Japanese. One of my biggest desires is to play a SRW game but alas, I probably never will. However, I've decided that if I can't play the existing ones, I'll just make my own.

I'm an uber mecha fan. I like giant robots for some inexplicable reason. I'm also a fan of LEGO® models. In the past years, I've combined those two loves. I pretty much spend a good chunk of my free time creating LEGO® mechas. Comparatively, they may not be super impressive (ever seen that meter tall Gundam model?), but I take pride in my models because they are my own creations and they reflect my mecha-filled soul.

Some while back, I started designing a concept that was basically a mecha-only BrikWars. It fell through. The game was too complicated for anybody to feasibly play. It required too much math and keeping track of too many values to make the game any fun. However, in my efforts, I had built a PHP-based battle simulator to test battle algorithms. This inspired my new idea: creating an actual video game based on the SRW series using units based off LEGO® models. The game itself would have no reference to LEGO® at all, of course.

And so, here I am. I don't know how long it'll take but I'm going to attempt to write a video game in some C-derivative language (probably). This blog is where I'm going to coalesce all of my thoughts and progress alongside various game-related informations (characters, units, etc).

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